​​'A scholarly yet accessible work, citing the former pope’s role in leading Poland out from behind the Iron Curtain. Meticulously researched and referenced. '                        

                                        Inside Poland

'This book is a great reminder of a complex Polish history. Being Polish myself I always knew that Pope John Paul II was much loved and admired by Polish people. ... This book has definitely opened my eyes to this aspect of John Paul's papacy.'                                                                                                           Amazon Reviewer

About the author 


​​Geoff Bardell was born and raised in London. He is married to a Pole and has spent much of his adult life traveling between Britain and Poland. His Catholic mother-in-law was a Solidarity activist in the early 1980s and was the inspiration to undertake this present work. He has studied and/or taught at universities in Birmingham, London, Oxford, Poznań, Sheffield and Warsaw and has published several educational research monographs.

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